The past few months I have been teaching a variety of art workshops and have really been enjoying myself. I have always wanted to teach but for a variety of reasons never really pursued it. I had done private art lessons, demonstrations, and mentoring but never taught a real class or workshop with multiple students. Well the fates aligned and I met Jeanne of Twin Soul Art Studio, she was looking for new art teachers for her studio and I was ready to take the leap into teaching. I love teaching at her studio, its a beautiful creative space in Los Gatos and she always makes everyone feel welcome and creative.
Now a whole world of teaching has opened up for me and I am often thinking of new workshops or classes that I can offer. I have also started teaching at a few different locations.This allows me to connect with a variety of students.
My next workshop is Photographic Lumen Printing. This is such a cool technique using old black and white photo paper and plants. Part of the fun is that you never know what you are going to get, the results are unpredictable and influenced by the type of plants, weather, brand of photo paper and more. Each student will get to make and take home 5-8 finished pieces.
Photographic Lumen Printing with Shannon Amidon
Saturday August 10th
1:00pm – 2:30pm
$35.00 per person – Materials Included.
KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street, San Jose, CA
To register: come into the gallery or call us at 408-947-1785

Ghostly color prints are made using a method evocative to that of William Henry Fox Talbot, who made camera-less images of botanical specimens in the 1830′s. These distinctive prints are made outdoors using direct sunlight, plant specimens, black and white photographic paper and chemical fixing. Each unique image is a one of a kind print revealing an astonishing array of images from representational to absolute abstractions of color, shape, and form that celebrate beauty and uniqueness of nature.Recommended age 8+