Thank You Canada

What a wonderful whirlwind adventure I had last week. I thought I would share a little recap. Currently I have an exhibit up at the NathanielHughson Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is a wonderful gallery and they represent some fantastic artists. I flew out to Toronto from San Francisco for the reception.
We flew into Toronto on Thursday and got in pretty late. The overall travel day was pretty easy with just a few quirks. Namely I slipped and fell on my knees in the airport and now have huge bruises on them and sometimes limp. Also I had kind of a strange fellow sitting next to me on the flight who decided it was a good idea to floss his teeth (ewww).
Friday morning we got an early start and headed over to the CN Tower. It was the world’s tallest tower, building and freestanding structure from 1976-2010 at 147 building stories, 1,815 ft, 5 inches. It was pretty cool but very touristy and crowded. They have a cool edge walk attraction where you get harnessed in and walk around the outside of the tower. I would have loved to do that but the price was a bit steep at $175 per person.  After the tower we headed over to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Sadly we just missed the Francis Bacon and Henry Moore exhibit. There were some other great exhibits and I particularly liked the bone carvings of  Manasie Akpalipik         
After getting terribly turned around and lost in Toronto traffic we made it to Hamilton about 30 minutes before my reception. That was really not what I was planning. I was a bit stressed and got ready faster than I ever have before. Luckily the gallery was only a couple of blocks from the hotel. I arrived at the gallery and was so happy to meet everyone and see what an amazing job they did hanging my artwork.  I was able to have a glass of wine and relax a bit.
Hamilton is a beautiful green city filled with friendly people. I felt so welcomed by everyone and truly enjoyed the opening. The Canadian Authors Associationparticipated in the event and there were several authors reading poetry and short stories. It added another great creative vibe to the evening. I met lots of great people and several other artists during the evening.
Saturday morning was a little more leisurely. We went to The Art Gallery of Hamilton and saw an amazing installation by Jenn E Norton. It was completely immersive with projections, sound and sculpture. It was haunting and nostalgic, kind of hard to describe. Then I stopped by the gallery to say goodbye and take a few pictures of the artwork.
We then made the hour drive down to Niagara Falls. After checking in to the hotel the first stop was the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory which was amazing. They have over 2000 butterflies just floating around a lush tropical conservatory. They were everywhere landing on people eating old fruit and just flittering about. It was really wonderful and kind of magical. After a terrible, overpriced meal we went for a walk by the falls, took some pictures and made our way through the zillions of people. That evening we took the Hornblower tour of the illuminated falls. It was neat to see them all lit up in different colors. It was a fun, wet and loud boat ride (as it should be). We got back to the dock around 10:45 and decided to try our luck at a casino. Well the penny slots did not disappoint and I left with a few hundred extra dollars in my pocket.  They 6:30am drive from Niagara to Toronto was a little painful, especially since we didn't go to bed until after 2am. At least I got to watch a couple of movies and take a nice nap on the flight home.

Thanks Canada for a fantastic trip filled with genuinely friendly and welcoming people. I hope to visit for longer next time.
Now it’s time to try and figure out what I am going to do next.