The Business Side of Art - Keeping Track of Everything

No artist likes to deal with the paperwork or the business side of creativity. The fact is, it is a necessary evil if you actually want to exhibit and sell your artwork. More and more artists are self represented and independent. More and more galleries are relying on artists to do a lot more than create their artwork. So I think it is time for me to take the plunge.

The longer I create and the more I sell the more apparent it becomes that I need a good art business management software system. I have many steno pads with inventory info scribbled down, spreadsheets created that I attempt to maintain, several versions of my resume all saved in different places and lots of file folders stuffed full of important paperwork. Although the initial start up will be lots of work I am confident that once I get everything in one place and managed by one system my business burden will be a lot less.

While doing some research online I came across a few different Blogs that were really informative in terms of comparing the different software systems. While I know there will be no perfect one, there are a few that I think will work. What I would really like is a cloud or web based system that I can access from anywhere on any devise. Maybe one day

This is a great post from 2011 that compares the pros and cons of 7 different software systems. It even has some screen shots.

This is a pretty old Blog from 2007 but still has some relevant info

One thing to note is that these programs are not for bookkeeping/ accounting, that’s a whole other software program L

I will keep you posted on which one I choose and how it works out.