The Commons

So, here is a little fun fact you might not have know about me. I went to school for event planning and I love creating and planning events, parties, etc. I really enjoy every detail from the invitations, to the décor, food, dessert and everything in-between. I have also taken lots of classes on cake and dessert decorating and it’s another hidden hobby of mine that contributes to my event planning. So when I was asked to work with The Commons and contribute my esthetic to the look and feel of their next event I couldn’t resist.  The Commons is a music and performance showcase that aims to bridge the gap between the classical performing arts and contemporary culture. They put on annual outdoor events featuring music, dance, poetry and more. They pop up all over San Jose and have a wonderfully magical feel to them.

The theme of the upcoming event is harvest, and will be celebrating the autumn equinox. I really wanted to reflect traditions, abundance, nature, and colors of autumn in my contributions. Below is a sneak peek of some of the things I am working on, laser cut book page lanterns, book page apples, lots of reds, gold, oranges and browns.

I am really looking forward to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. I hope you can join us on Friday September 25th  - 6pm - 10pm in St. James Park, San Jose.

lights lanterns beads apples