The Sketchbook Project


I am participating in "The Sketchbook Project". Each artist has a theme (mine is Secret Codes) and they are sent a blank sketchbook. In March the sketchbooks will go on a nation wide tour and when the tour is over they will be permanetly at The Brooklyn Art Library for people to check out. Mine is a very loose interpretation of a “sketch” book. I am a mixed media artist so I wanted to create something more inline with my area of creativity. Since my theme is Secret Codes I was inspired by the Ancient and Mystical Order Rose Crucis (AMORC), also called Rosicrucian Order. I dissected the original sketchbook and then merged it with a bound antique book. I hand folded and printed on the pages and then cut a little niche out the middle section of the book. I collaged the inner/main section and then coated with encaustic wax. I burnt and crumpled pages of to obtain an old and sacred.