Time for a New Adventure

In my current (and soon to be packed) studio

In my current (and soon to be packed) studio

The time has come to start a new adventure, to follow a dream and take a leap. I am excited to share that after much soul searching, research and explorations my family has decided to move from the Bay Area to Oregon. It’s an exciting and bitter sweet venture. We plan on moving mid – end of July.

There are several reasons for the move and the time just feels right. We are ready for the next chapter in our lives, a change of scenery, new challenges and adventures.

I grew up in an old farmhouse at the base of the San Jose foothills and have fond memories of being a nature girl. I climbed trees, played in the creek, slid down hills on cardboard, collected rocks and insects. We had deer who would visit our garden daily and lots of other wild and domestic animals. I really miss being immersed in nature and want that in my life again. I want my daughter to grow up in that environment as well.

Also I am ready to pursue a dream I have had for many years. I have attended artist residencies all over the world and I have always wanted to create my own artist residency / retreat. An inspiring place for creatives to be able to come and work, recharge, connect and create.  One that accommodates parent artists as well. This move is a step in that direction and I can’t wait to share my vision and plans for this project.

With all of this said I am still sad to leave. San Jose has been my home my whole life and I have pretty deep roots here. But one cannot grow and evolve without a bit of discomfort and uncertainty.

I still have friends, family, galleries, and business connections in the Bay Area and plan on visiting as often as possible. I will be back the end of Oct for SF Open Studios. So I instead of saying goodbye I am saying until next time.

You can continue to follow my art and new adventure on my website, social media and through these newsletters.