Time for change, time for growth.

After weeks of neglect I ventured into my tomb of a studio today. It’s been so cold and unwelcoming lately. So I swept away the cob webs, straightened up everything, and gave it a little love and attention.

This year I am determined to challenge myself more and push myself out of my comfort zone.

Some quotes for the New Year.

I am determined to grow. I can’t predict in what ways: I can’t know the contours of tomorrow. But I can affirm my dedication to working at my art, studying my world, and securing loving relationships, especially with myself. I am committed to my growth: I will not cling to my comfort zone when it is time to venture outside of it.

Eric Maisel

I am both conservative and radical; I would conserve what is valuable but willing to change what needs chaining. I affirm the power of change: I am friendly with the idea that some things really need changing.

Eric Maisel