Top Ten Reasons to Buy Art From a Living Breathing Artist:


I came across this wonderful blog post from Sarah Bush and had to share it.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Art From a Living Breathing Artist:

1.Hang art in your home and surround yourself with images that reflect your taste, define who you are, and resonate deeply for a long time. As with a good book or a great piece of music, your relationship with a work of art can develop and change over the course of a lifetime.

2.Support the Arts: Supporting an artist by buying their artwork is directly, positively affecting the stability of the arts in the United States. A lot more middle class, regular people buy contemporary art in Europe…when you buy a work of art or fine craft, you’re having a serious, positive impact on the health of the arts in your community and the country as a whole.

3.Become a Collector–make your own mark by collecting art you care about that speaks to you. Building a collection is a unique creative act in and of itself–one you can enjoy over time and hand down to the next generation.

4.Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd:
 Most people don’t buy art or only buy posters of famous art instead. Buying artwork from a contemporary artist or craftsperson really sets you apart and shows you have the confidence to know what you like before it’s been sanctioned by museums or some other higher authority.

5.A work of art is a unique and passionate creation, which not only reflects the soul of the artist, but your soul as well, because you chose it. (This one, and the next two, are paraphrased from Mary Baker’s site, who I thought did a great job of expressing why someone should buy a work of art.)

6.Works of art can inspire your life and have the power to nurture and strengthen the spirit.

7.Be a part of the mystery: almost every artist will tell you that they don’t have complete control of their art–it has a life of its own that must be respected and listened to. Connecting to a work of art is connecting to the larger mystery of life.

8.The thrill of the hunt: Enjoy the enriching experience of developing your artistic taste–develop your own eye for up-and-coming artists or crafters, or support one or two artists whose work really speaks to you.

9.Get back in touch with your own creative self.
Most people don’t make things anymore, but this wasn’t always true, and our primal selves are all creative, hands on mammals who first began to express themselves to connect with the magic of the universe, to decorate their world, and to make their mark. Buying art and living with it every day reconnects you to that self.

10.Discover someone.