Trying New Mediums


So as part of my whole sabbatical journey I have been making an effort to try more mediums and or just do different craftier things. So here is a little preview of my endeavors.

I am part of a creative group and we have monthly creative/artistic projects. This past month’s project was to create wearable art. At first I really started to over think the project and that is the exact opposite of what the group is about. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make jewelry or some kind of body armor, maybe paint directly on a piece of clothing. I kept questioning whether those were really “art”. The night before our group meeting when the project was do I went into the studio and just started pulling things out and putting them together. No thinking at all, I just created without any inner critics or restrictions. I created a skirt out of my unusable Lumen prints from my Efflorescence series. I didn’t think about color or pattern, I just cut and glued. I really like the way it came out.

I tried needle felting. It was fun but took some time and could be a bit dangerous. Basically it’s using raw wool and poking it with a super sharp barbed needle until it becomes a stiff felt. You can make shapes, creatures, flowers and all sorts of things. Below is a picture of a little owl I made. It took a couple of hours while watching a movie. I enjoyed it but am not sure if I will make anything else.

Just today I tired my hand at screen printing. I have had all of the supplies for a while now and having been wanting to give it a try. My first attempt didn’t turn out to well, mostly because I didn’t read any directions. I made a big mess and had a lot of fun. I think I will read the directions now and try again.