Week 2 Update


The weather has been a bit crazy, it usually is between 74F-78F and lately in the evenings it has been getting down to 70. The crazy part has been the winds and they have been spectacular; they are so strong and loud. It is really hard to describe them but there is no ignoring them, they are like the birds and insects - a part of everyday life here. It’s wonderful to just watch the way the tress and bamboo groves sway and listen to the thrashing and creaking. They even made the power go out in the whole town for a while the other night.

I have been to town a few more times for supplies and found a nice little restaurant/café- Maya Cafe. They serve a variety of food from curry to bruschetta. It’s very small, just 3 tables and a counter where you can sit and watch them cook the food. It’s a nice little reminder of home and I know it will be a regular stop for me when in town. It is also a nice break from eating beans, rice, cheese and bread. On Sunday I went to a really interesting art lodge and restaurant called Corteza Amarilla with Gaylord – poet from Tennessee and Lorraine – Artist from Rhode Island. The décor is wonderful, shoe chandeliers, record trees and everything is mosaic. We had a great evening out, it was nice to get away from the colony for a bit and interact with people.

Today I finally got up the nerve to take the public bus to San Jose. It was an interesting ride, less than $1.00 and took about 45 min. One observation about the people here, they seem to keep to themselves and don’t smile or make eye contact with you. That is until you speak to them, and then they are wonderful and helpful. Several times I have had to ask for directions or if I was getting on the correct bus and I have always been met with kindness. They don’t really have addresses here so it can get confusing getting around. After getting off the bus and walking in a few circles I made it to the Plaza De La Cultura and then to the Museos del Banco Central De Costa Rica. At the museum they had a Pre- Columbian gold, Numismatics (study or collection of currency) and a temporary exhibit of Felo Garcia. I particularly like the paintings of Felo Garcia and even picked up a catalog of his work. After the museum I got a churro, coffee and taxi ride back to the colony. The sky was dark and it was cold and I didn’t want to deal with trying to find the bus to get back. I would say that San Jose is very similar to San Francisco, lots of people, street vendors, tourist attractions, and crazy cabs.

The art has been slow going. I have been taking lots of pictures, and collecting a lot of specimens. I just haven’t been producing that much. I have been reading and researching a lot, absorbing the nature around me and trying to find my inspiration. In a way I feel that I am at a crossroads with my art and I am trying to figure out which path I want to take. With that there has been a lot of reflecting going on. The book I am reading Art Without Compromise by Wendy Richmond has been a wonderful tool and very beneficial on this journey.

On a lighter note, not working my “day” job, waking up with the sunrise and drinking Costa Rican coffee with the birds, doing what ever I want – when ever I want, and having this time to develop and nurture my creativity has been awesome and a true blessing.

Oh, and I think I am getting payback for my extensive insect collection at home. The huge spiders, flying, crawling and jumping bugs, millipedes and lizards have been driving me crazy! They are everywhere all the time. Thank goodness I am not squeamish about them and that I have a handy bug extractor living with me. All spottings are being documented and will be made into a lovely photo collage at the end of this trip.

Panorama of the trail I walk everyday (click to enlarge) Me at the Maya Cafe enjoying a Coke Zero