Where do I get my insects & other unusual objects?


I love to collect insects, fossils, minerals, feathers, shells, eggs, and all kinds of natural curiosities. Often I have people asked me where I get my treasures.

One of my favorite stores is “The Bone Room” in Berkeley. It is filled with weird and wonderful things. Bugs, bones, feathers, fossils, taxidermy, eggs, shells, antique medical equipment and jewelry are just some of the objects they have.

Some of my favorite things they sell are:

Pinned Insect Specimens -
Most people who know me and my artwork know my love of insects. Beetles, butterfly, moths, weevils, & walking sticks, they all inspire me.

Spider Webs Under Glass -

These are amazing; I don’t know how they captured the spider webs without breaking them.

Ammonite Fossils -
I love collecting fossils & minerals. I have several different Ammonite Fossils. Some of my favorites are the Pyritized Ammonites, they look like they are from another planet.

Another of my favorite stores is Paxton Gate in San Francisco. They are another natural history store with an eclectic mix of insects, gardening, taxidermy, science equipment and other oddities. I love wandering around this beautiful little shop, there are treasures from floor to ceiling.

Some of my favorite things they sell are:
They have a variety of beautiful sea shells, urchins, and other interesting sea life. I love covering them in copper and making jewelry with them.
Plants & Garden -
They have an assortment of fascinating plants. The carnivorous, succulent and orchids are my favorites. They also have terrariums, tools & vintage containers for the plants.

Fossils & Minerals -

I recently brought home a beautiful piece of Chalcanthite. Also called the "copper flower" because it is generally found in the late-stage oxidation zones of copper deposits.