With a little help from our friends

My featured exhibit at KALEID Gallery is officially over. I went and took down the artwork and installation yesterday. It was a bitter sweet experience.  The whole process of and journey of this exhibit has been cathartic and fulfilling. It was a lot of fun and work putting everything together. Although working as an artist can be a solitary experience, at times we do need a little help from our friends. I want to thank Donny & Johnny at KALEID for all of their help with the set up and tear down. Donny did an amazing job helping my vision come to life when we were setting everything up.

Thanks to my friend Dave for the great vinyl lettering and staying with me at the reception until the very, very end, he always comes through for me.  Thanks to Chris for listening to me and talking with me for hours about the exhibit even before there was any real concept in mind. You are always great to bounce ideas off of and I appreciate your honesty. Thanks to April Gee for your beautiful music at the reception. You are so talented and I think your music was a perfect complement to the artwork.  I could not have done any of this without the unwavering support and encouragement from Bobb. Thank you for giving me the time and space to create and for wrangling Miss Bean so I could get work done.

Last but not least I want to thank all if the wonderful people who came out to see the exhibit and installation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it really made feel wonderful. I loved hearing the variety of interpretations and thoughts in response to the artwork and installation.

Now the pieces will be scattered to different places, some to new homes with collectors and others to new galleries, the rest will be up at Open Studios. A portion of the tree installation will be installed at JCO’s in Los Gatos and I am working on getting the rest of it up in another location.

A BIG thank you again to everyone.

Exhibition break down