The smell of warm wax in the morning

The last few months I have been focusing on my TechShop residency and exhibit. I love book arts and that’s all I have been creating, eating, drinking, sleeping, and doing lately. I have really enjoyed my residency and learning new technologies (lasers yay!). Along the way I have heard whispers from my encaustic paint calling me back, but I have always been to busy to play. This past week or two the whispers turned into shouts. So I listened and started working on a new encaustic piece. It feels good to smell the molten wax and feel the texture of the painting under my fingers. I’ve missed being in the studio too; most of my creating time the last few months has been in the TechShop. It feels like home and I am happy to be making some new encaustic work. I am still honoring my books as well. Each encaustic piece has lots of book pages embedded between the layers of wax. You might not always be able to see them, but they are there. I plan on continuing to work on and add more pieces to my “In the End” series. There are some new and unfinished thoughts to explore with this series. Working on it has been very cathartic and I need that more than anything right now.

hanging leavesCurrent work in progress 24x36 mixed media encaustic

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Several years ago before my Grandparents passed away I would often drive a couple of hours to their house and spend the weekend with them.  We were very close and I loved spending time with them. Most evenings my Grandfather (who we called Pops) would fall asleep in his chair then end up going to bed early. My Grandmother (who we called Brownie) and I would stay up late talking, playing Wii bowling and drinking diet cocktails (don’t ask, they are terrible).

Sunday morning I would wake up, usually before 8am and make my way out to the kitchen. Pops was usually sitting at the table reading the newspaper or at the kitchen sink filling up his hummingbird feeders.  He would always make some smart ass remark like, nice of you to join us or good afternoon. I would pour a cup of weak Folders’ coffee and sit at the kitchen table looking out into the beautiful, lush backyard.

Pop’s always had a green thumb and a beautiful garden; huge hydrangea the size of your head, fragrant gardenia, mini lemon tress and more. Both of my Grandparents loved hummingbirds, they had quite a few feeders hung up around the house. They tried to put them outside of every window so you could always look out a window and see a hummingbird.

This piece was inspired by my visits with them. My Sunday mornings with them were always a happy and peaceful experience that I will never forget.

My new color palette

In the past my color palette has mainly consisted of natural tones with lot of dark color vignetting the scenes. I am drawn to earth and jewel tones and you can see that in a lot of my artwork.

My current series is completely different and I must say a little uncomfortable for me at times.  The prominent color in this series is white with accents of gold, black and peeks of brown. Previously I have stayed away from white and have never used gold, if I used a metallic color it was always a copper.  So it was a big surprise for me when these colors demanded to be used.

I think a lot of it has to do with the meaning behind the series and what it explores. For me white represents clarity, spirituality and new beginnings. White is also a mourning color in several cultures. Gold embodies tradition and strength; the warmth of it balances the coldness sometimes associated with white. It also illuminates and enhances other things around it. Brown is a grounding, earthy color, its stability, comfort and balance.

I have been working hard on this new series and can't wait to share it with you in April. I have not shown it to many people yet, deciding it best to unveil it to everyone once it is complete. Below are several sneak peeks, little corners or sections of various pieces.