Student Testimonials

"This class was great in all respects. It was well organized, the instruction was perfect for the amount of time. We had an abundance of materials to try out so any idea was possible. Shannon was very flexible and open to allow participants ideas to direct more instruction beyond the initial basics. The space was inspiring and wonderful. And, the group size was great, allowing everyone ample tools and space to work. Thank you Shannon. I loved it and I love encaustic!" - Susan 

“I took a workshop from Shannon and it was the best experience ever. We spent two hours doing five different techniques with encaustic process with my own photographs. She provided an amazing amount of information. I think the best part was actually working in her studio with her and to see how she does the process as well. She does each step with you. I cannot wait to do another session with her and to use more of the techniques with my artwork" - Marianna 

"Being a complete novice, this technique felt very approachable the way Shannon explained and coached when inquiries were made. Leaving with a finished product was definitely enjoyable, making me think about taking another workshop now that I have a better grasp of what it entails." - Summer

"This was a very well organized and informative class. On top of that it was fun!! I am looking forward to another class!!" - Leeana